Pelvic floor muscle training device



Electrostatic Stimulation Device


Innovative device that can stimulate the nerve root of the inside of the pelvic floor muscle directly by low frequencies while wearing on simple pants


By inducing contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles by low frequency It helps stabilize the nerve root and increasing the elasticity of pelvic floor muscles, which are difficult to contract alone


This is the new product that can be used dressed on pants and no need to use probe, making it easy for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

The utility of a product

This product induces contraction relaxation of pelvic muscle by low frequency pulse, which increases elasticity of pelvic muscle, which is difficult to contract alone, and helps stabilize nerve muscle.

Innovativeness of product

So far, products in the market have to be used to insert probe in women’s vagina or undressed, so it’s inconvenient that have to be used in a separated close space alone.
Also there was a big problem of feeling uncleanness and shame when using it. On the other hand, in case of our product if you sit with put a wet tissue on top of an electrode while wearing on a simple pants.
Low frequency stimulation be applied to the pelvic floor muscle and directly stimulate perineal region so making it simple and can be used for for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

How to use

Fold the wet tissue narrowly and place it on the electrode.
Sit comfortably on a wet tissue while wearing a simple pants.
Press the power switch to turn it on, press the mode button, and select the desired waveform with the +- button. 

Press the time button and select the desired time from 1 minute to 30 minutes with the +- button.
Press the Strength button and select the desired strength from 1 to 99 levels with the +- button to apply a low frequency pulse to the pelvic floor muscle.

Precautions for use

Clothes made of waterproof material or too thick clothing do not deliver moisture to the skin, making it difficult to apply low-frequency pulses when dressed.
It is recommended to wear light casual pants. Also, if you use wet wipes while you are dressed, the perineal region will get slightly wet, but they will not stand out.
Also it dries easily, so you can use it without much inconvenience. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable getting wet, you can take off your clothes and use it.


Division Contents Remarks
Input Power DC 5V
Battery capacity 1,800mAh
Charging Time Around 3 hours
Size 335mm x 410mm x 53mm
Weight 2.5kg

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